Martin Parr represented by Rocket Gallery, London

The Last Resort is the first – and most iconic – series of colour photographs by Martin Parr. The body of work coincided with the emergence of a new school of British colour documentary photography. Made in the northern seaside town of New Brighton near Liverpool, these photographs comprise a satirical, raw, yet loving description of the British people at leisure in the height of the Thatcher era.

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The Non-Conformists
Bad Weather
The Last Resort
The Cost of Living
Small World
West Bay
Common Sense
Think of England
Grand Paris
Amalfi Coast

The Last Resort
1983-5, photographic pigment prints, signed
20 x 24 inches / 50.8 x 61 cm each £2500 +vat
40 x 50 inches / 102 x 127 cm, numbered editions of 5,
first printed 2002
each £9000 +vat

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